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Imans World

With her glamorous style, being inspired from several decades of art, blending the richness of Oriental traditions with a refined European elegance, Iman Sabeti has become a distinguished designer of luxury properties internationally.

Her work draws influences from the pre-renaissance period and integrates the work of great masters with the application of concepts such as the golden means, creating a lively and synergetic space, emanating light and beauty.

In 2012, Iman began with commercial projects, turning two chateaus into boutique hotels. Both works reflect her bold and distinct style. The spaces she creates are glamorous, while being finely tuned to give a sense of serenity and heightened energy.

Iman works with traditional artists from all over the world such as Burma, Thailand, Morocco and Iran who draw from their cultural heritage to provide the finest pieces in woodwork, metal, gold and silk, custom designed and tuned to the energy field of her clients. She also features her own gallery with Art Pieces and Fine Tapestry from Asia and the Middle East.

"My clients are not only surrounded by the dazzling beauty of the space I create for them. I design interiors immersed in a positive energy field that calms the senses while simultaneously energizing those within it. A home should not only reflect beauty, it should also serve as a custom-made and equalized space for living, to recharge your energy."